• We Breed Rare, short legged Munchkin Kittens for sale - specializing in color-points, solids, reds

  • Healthy and strong Munchkin cats ​Our Munchkin Cats and kittens are raised under-foot and NOT caged

  • I am registered with TICA/CFA

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Email Us: munchkinscattery@gmail.com
Contact Us: ‪(406) 662-1781‬
4 Sidewinder Loop, Clancy, MT
Email Us: munchkinscattery@gmail.com

Since 2012, we have been a Montana Munchkin Home, a family-owned cattery in Clancy, Montana, where we have been breeding Standard Munchkin Kittens. We are the original breeders of Montana Munchkin Cats and Russian Blue Cats 

Every one of my Munchkin kittens for sale is born and reared in my own house, right alongside me and my family. We specifically breed for mien, affluence, and grandness, among other things. We sell munchkin kittens in a variety of colors, including silver munchkin kittens, grey munchkin kittens, solid munchkin kittens, calico munchkin kittens, and white munchkin kittens, all of which may be purchased in different shades and oriented toward the reception area. The vast majority of my Munchkin kittens for sale are conventional short-legged Munchkin kittens. 
We are officially recognized as Munchkin breeders. We also breed Munchkin kittens with fold-eared ears, and all of them are ready to leave us right now. We are a cattery that is registered with the government. 

I take pictures of the munchkin kittens for sale every 2 to 3 days to invigorate our site, and this is where they appear on my available standard short-legged Munchkin kittens for sale page. If it's all the same to you, send us an email if you have to see what we have. ​We have an outstanding variety of Munchkin kittens available throughout the year. If you are looking to buy a Munchkin kitten from us, you are not only getting a top-quality Munchkin kitten from excellent bloodlines that have gotten top-of-the-line care and attention, but you are also getting a fantastic health and genetic guarantee and the peace of mind that we are available to you seven days a week for support and will be here for many years to come.​

Our Munchkin Kittens 🐱 are not afraid, but they are gentle and non-aggressive. They have mystical healing properties and a strong intuitive sense in relation to their owner. Our Munchkin Cats are the definition of "alpha cats," superior in cleanliness and disposition, and there will never be hair on your clothes or furniture.
Contact Us: ‪(406) 662-1781‬
Rare, short legged Munchkin Kittens for sale - specialising in colourpoints, solids, reds & chocolates,Calici as well as my most recent additions in lilacs, whites, bi-colours & odd eyes.more 

Montana Munchkin Cattery is a small cattery located in Clancy, MT. I bought my first Munchkin kittens  (called Munchie!) in 2010 and started breeding shortly thereafter. Many years later and I'm still in love with the breed. Munchkins are a quirky, friendly and outgoing breed of cat. I produce quality kittens with friendly personalities, cute faces and an array of coat colours which enhance the cuteness of their short legs. My cats and kittens are raised indoors and in a safe, outdoor enclosure with plenty of toys and room to play. All of my breeding cats have recently been DNA tested for genetic and contagious diseases and have a clean bill of health. I am registered with Tica/Cfa. For more information on this fantastic little breed, or if you are interested in purchasing a kitten, please don't hesitate to contact me. All kittens are microchipped, vaccinated and desexed prior munchkin kittens for sale. 

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4 Sidewinder Loop, Clancy, MT

With the most advanced tools that the industry has to offer, we do our best to get you the treatment that you need. We are a multidisciplinary team made up of Anesthesiologists, Neurophysiologists, Ophthalmologists and much more who operate in perfect synergy. 


We are situated in Clancy, Montana, not a long way from Helena Regional Airport. We offer conveyance anywhere in the United States. You can likewise get your fur-baby from our cattery or airport, which is our preferred choice. During that time, we will have an assortment of excellent Standard Munchkin kittens for sale, including silvers. For example, Munchkin kittens for sale include chocolate munchkin cats for sale, focused standard munchkin kittens for sale, dark-striped cats for sale, and calico munchkin kittens for sale, to give some examples. We go through our days keeping an eye on each little cat to guarantee their well-being, security, and friendliness. They are brought up in a smoke-free, confinement-free, exceptionally spotless, and cherishing family environment. Our reproducers are also our pets, and they are treated with the same care as each of our kittens! Grown-ups are taken care of with top-notch food, and the pregnant and nursing sovereigns and little cats devour top-notch cat food and are given supplemental nutrients.​


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Anna is a Standard Munchkin kitten with short legs. She is a grey with blue eyes munchkin kitten. Anna has a super character and you will experience passionate feelings for her energetic and sweet mien. 



KIKI AND JOJO, They are Standard Munchkin Kitten with short legs. they have outstanding munchkin color. They have a sweet character also the are from the same liters and they love to play to together. I would adore for Kiki to go with his sibling Jojo and offering a 2 for 1 arrangement on both to the same home!



Ozi is a Standard Munchkin kitten with short legs. He is a Black white with adorable munchkin kitten. Ozi has a super character and you will experience passionate feelings for his energetic and sweet mien.  



We do remind and advise all our clients to stay home, safe throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, we indulge in all our clients to follow all medical directives to protect themselves and love once. As such Montana Munchkin Cattery offer a 10% discount to all our potential clients. Together Let's fight and stop COVID-19.

Veterinary Check-Ups

We work as indicated by the measures of The International Cat Association (TICA) / CFA and worldwide veterinary prerequisites. We hold fast to the deliberate code of morals of reproducers.

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Socialization & Training

We give our Munchkin kittens a great deal of human communication. Playing with them consistently we additionally simultaneously showing them great habits. This is the reason they are adjusted, agreeable, human inviting, and have magnificent characters!

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 Shipping Works

We have a wide encounter of delivery to various nations. Our munchkin Kittens are currently prepared to be transport simply get in touch with us on the off chance that you are intrigued. We transport inside (USA, and around the world) 

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Veterinary Check-Ups

We utilize the administrations of an authorized veterinarian who consistently checks the well-being of our munchkin kitten for sale , immunize them with US-EU affirmed immunizations. Ectoparasites and endoparasites treatment is likewise standard.

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