We are Montana Munchkin Cattery is a small cattery located in Clancy, MT. I bought my first Munchkin Kitten (called Munchie!) in 2010 and started breeding shortly with my wife thereafter. Many years later we still in love with the breed. Munchkins are a quirky, friendly and outgoing breed of cat. I produce quality kittens with friendly personalities, cute faces and an array of coat colors which enhance the cuteness of their short legs.
Incredibly blessed to have gotten expert advice from some of the foremost breeders in the country, I acquired breeding munchkin that met the health, temperament and beauty criteria that I felt was important to me and would be important to my customers. I find that most of the munchkin kittens for sale breeds are almost identical in conformation, health and temperament and these two breeds compliment one another. Montana Munchkin Cattery is the the place to buy your kitten. Montana Munchkin Cattery has a stellar reputation selling healthy, socialized Munchkin Kittens. The personal service, quality of the animals and previous satisfied repeat customers is a testament to my commitment to providing you with a healthy, Our beautiful Munchkin kittens making the experience a joy from start to finish! I will do all I can to match the right kitten to the right home. Please take a moment to read some of the Testimonials page. It speaks volumes. Thank you for your visit website!




                            ARTICLES ABOUT MUNCHKIN KITTENS

In order to maintain a healthy diet for their predatory ancestors, including Munchkins, cats and kittens should consume the same foods as their wild relatives: mice, birds, and occasionally fish are all excellent sources of prey for them to ingest (while the carcasses must be whole, with liver, bones, wool, feathers, and stomach contents). From a purely practical standpoint, it is not feasible to feed the cat this sort of food on a regular basis. To put it another way, the Munchkin kitten’s diet should include the following items:

As in the case of natural cat food, meat should be the foundation of natural cat food in the same way that whole mice and birds are the foundation of natural cat food.

Fresh meat is defined as that which has been in the freezer for at least two days.

Because it already contains vegetables, grains, and vitamins and minerals, there is no need to add anything else to it.

Beef, but not veal, can be eaten.

When the cat is a kitten, it’s best to sauté minced beef in a small amount of vegetable oil with the yolk of a raw quail egg. Feed this mixture three to four times a day, depending on your metabolism.
Munchkin Kittens may notice that they’ve eaten too much while they’re feeling bloated.
The minced meat will be gradually replaced with thinly sliced beef as the animal grows older.

Aside from meat, the munchkin kitten must have access to dry food and water throughout the day.

In order to ensure that there is always enough water on hand, we change the water every day. This is a must-have. Chicken may be fed to Munchkin Kittens in the same way as beef can: raw, with yolk, and slathered in butter. In addition to cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, fermented baked milk, and fermented baked milk, a wide range of taste and texture options are provided by fermented milk products. Grain products (better oatmeal, add to meat). For youngsters, Orsha, a canned food brand, is produced from beef, chicken, heart, and liver. If so, what kind of boiled vegetables are on hand? It’s possible to eat fish, but the options are limited to sea fish, which must typically be prepared before consumption. A lot of cats love soft Yantar cheese, canned maize, and crab sticks. As a garnish, such items can be used, but not as the centerpiece of your meal. Ground beef may be flavored with chicken necks.

                            How Do You Raise Munchkin Cat, Kittens?

Determine whether or not you will allow the Munchkin kittens and other pets into your home. In order to avoid confusing the munchkin kitten for sale, one thing cannot be done and is never permitted: it’s feasible today and unthinkable tomorrow.

The most effective punishment for misbehavior is to chastise the culprit while he is still at the “scene of the crime,” followed by ignoring him (for all family members, without exception). ​Keep your distance from him for a short length of time and avoid engaging in any kind of interaction with him. As a general rule, the cat should always take the lead. They can sharpen their nails on carpets, but not on furniture or wallpaper in my house because they are Munchkin cats and kittens. Table-climbing and flower-digging are severely banned activities. If you want to play with a kitten without risking damage, use a special stick with feathers at the end. It is definitely banned to touch the owners’ hands or feet while selling “Munchkin kittens” If your cat decides to playfully jump on your foot while you’re walking, do this. It happens very regularly. Throw the cat away from you with such force that it slides over the floor and “flies” away from you as you admonish him in an irritating voice. Jumping becomes less appealing after a couple of failed attempts. >>


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